FlashMyCase App
FlashMyCase App

Personal Project | January 2013 – June 2018

FlashMyCase, a free iPhone app, enables you to effortlessly create a custom iPhone case in minutes. FlashMyCase delivers high quality custom iPhone cases to customers worldwide.

The app is a native app written using XCode and Objective C. The backend uses the ASP.NET WebAPI, Parse.com, and MySQL. There is also an administrative dashboard running on the ASP.NET platform that provides inventory and order tracking.


Co-Founder and Software Engineer

  • Provide strategic planning and consultation for all technical aspects of the company, including infrastructure, payment processing solution, and development of new applications.
  • Participate in developing and executing marketing strategies.
Technologies Used

XCode, Objective C, ASP.NET MVC, WebForms, ASP.NET WebAPI, C#, MySQL

FlashMyCase has been sunsetted. Learn More